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Update August 2020: Our new DPC2 workstation featuring the Intel 10th Generation i9 CPU benchmarks 39% faster than the new 8-core Mac Pro in single-core tasks and 44% faster at multi-core tasks. If you step up to an even pricier 12-core Mac Pro, we benchmark 25% faster in single-core tasks and 8% faster at multi-core work… and we haven’t even benchmarked the new DPC2 overclocked yet, which should add another few percentage points of performance all around. And, with the $4,000 you’ll save purchasing a Different PC instead of a Mac Pro, think about all the other great things you’ll be able to stock your studio with!

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While it’s true that benchmarks aren’t everything, they do provide a baseline comparison of processing power in computers. In the case of audio workstations, this data can be useful in determining how fast one computer may process data compared with another.

For Different PC, that means comparing oranges to apples, or, more specifically, comparing the Different PC DPC1 with various Macintosh computers. We’ve got some exciting news to share in this regard, as the DPC1 is as much as 26% faster than the new late-2019 Mac Pro in its base 8-core configuration… and that configuration is the fastest version of the Mac Pro! So, is it really worth spending an extra $3,500 for a slower computer just to keep running the Mac OS?

And for those of you who still insist that your classic “cheese grater” Mac Pro is fast, note that the fastest version, the mid-2010 6-core 3.33GHz model, is easy to miss as you zip on by. The DPC1 is 54% faster in single-core benchmarks and 65% faster at multi-core tasks.

If we were still talking about the days of Windows 7, we’d splurge for the Mac Pro or the iMac, which is actually still faster than the base configuration. In fact, we wouldn’t have even launched this company if PCs were still living with Windows 7 and 8. Fortunately, Windows 10 is truly a modern operating system that is every bit as useful to creative professionals as the Mac OS. If you’ve been living with the Mac for the past 20 years, you won’t believe just how much better Windows has become.

GeekBench 5.1 Results Single-Core Multi-Core
Different PC DPC1
4.9GHz Intel Core i9-9900k (8-core) 1387 9712
The “New” Mac Pro (Late 2019)
3.5GHz Xeon W-3223 (8-core) 1027 7958
iMac 27-inch Retina Early 2019
3.6GHz Intel Core i9-9900k (8-core) 1250 8198
iMac 27-inch Retina Mid 2017
4.2GHz Intel Core i7-7700k (4-core) 1088 4732
Mac Pro (Late 2013 – Trash Can)
3.0GHz Xeon E5-1680 (8-core) 822 5818
Mac Pro (Mid 2010 – Cheese Grater)
3.33GHz Xeon W3680 (6-core) 640 3355

The Different PC DPC1 is 26% faster than the new Mac Pro in single-core benchmarks and 18% faster in 8-core benchmarks.
The Different PC DPC1 is 54% faster than the classic Cheese Grater Mac Pro in single-core benchmarks and 65% faster in 8-core benchmarks.

GeekBench results for some of the Mac models provided by GeekBench.com. Other models were tested in our studios.


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