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Different PC builds premium audio workstations optimized for music production, recording, mixing, mastering, and other creative tasks.

Our computers are lightning fast, extremely stable, and whisper quiet for use in demanding studio applications. We use premium components throughout—from the power supply to the fans to the case to the storage. No detail is too small, and everything is built to ensure rock-solid performance in all of your musical endeavors.

Professional recording artists and audio engineers are making the switch from Apple Macintosh products to our workstations for good reasons: lower cost, amazing performance specs, and an insane level of customization. If you’re going to spend over $1,500 on a new computer, and you can’t upgrade the RAM or internal storage ever, with the Mac you’re buying into a dead-end solution from the start. And if you work in a studio setting, the lack of expandable internal storage is a joke! We loved our old 2009-2012 Mac Pro workstations because we could install multiple drives, a ton of RAM, and over the years we could upgrade from slow hard drives to fast hard drives to SSDs and continue to derive maximum value from our studio investment. With Apple’s new closed-box approach, if you have to rely on external drives, you’ll have a mess of enclosures, cables, and wall warts/transformers/power supplies… a dust trap waiting for accidents to happen. You can load more than twice the number of HD and SSD drives into one of our workstations than you ever could with the classic Mac Pro, in a box that’s roughly the same size.

And how about software compatibility? Mac users have faced a nightmare when it comes to Apple OS updates, hardware changes, and compatibility with their audio applications. Every new OS release comes with warnings from pro audio companies yelling, “Don’t update yet! Our software will break!” Surprisingly (to Apple users), Windows doesn’t have the same issue. Hardware and software changes happen regularly, but Windows software is written in such a way that these changes rarely break your audio applications. We’ve upgraded fully-loaded audio workstations from Windows 10 to Windows 11 with none of our audio apps breaking. Can you imagine a major Mac OS update going that smoothly?

The bottom line is this: Musicians need a Different PC. One designed for music and audio production from a company focused exclusively on this. Think of us like a boutique instrument builder, only for your studio’s workhorse.

Visit our online store today and see just how much workstation you can get.