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Stunning performance in a beautiful package!

Unlike the commodity PC products you get from the “big guys,” Different PCs are engineered for performance. This means we use the finest name-brand components inside for everything from the massive (and ultra-reliable) power supplies to the whisper-quiet fans and cooling systems to the lightning fast solid-state storage (all SSDs are not created equal. We like Samsung’s 870 NVMe and 860 EVO range), premium memory from Crucial/Ballistix, dedicated GeForce RTX graphics systems, and more.

Below is the fantastic Different PC that you can order TODAY along with a variety of upgrade options that will make it a fantastic system for nearly all professional project studios, whether you’re tracking records, scoring music for film and television, or composing electronic music. Check out the specs to see why our computers are just a bit… Different.

NOTE: For artists and engineers on a tighter budget, our DPC1-B is similar, but features the 9th-generation i7-8700K CPU and a few other reduced features. Details can be found in our online store.

Different PC DPC1

Featuring the latest 9th-generation Intel “Coffee Lake” i9 9900k CPU, 8-core, overclocked to a base speed of 4.9GHz (the same CPU that the other guys sell running at 3.6GHz with a “boost” to 5GHz, which is not the same thing).

Support for up to 128GB of blazing fast 3200ms DDR4 RAM.

Despite the reasonable size of our mid-tower case (black or white, with cool ambient lighting and a tempered glass side panel), we can accommodate a lot of internal storage in this particular case:

(2) m.2 NVMe SSDs on the motherboard
(4) 2.5″ SSD drives
(2) 3.5″ HD drives (or additional SSDs)
(3) PCIe full-length slots

Dimensions: 474mm x 215mm x 455mm. This is slightly smaller than the classic Apple Mac Pro 2009-2012. Our larger DPC2 can accommodate six or more 3.5″ drives in addition to SSDs.
Music PCs need connectivity, and Different PC has you covered. The DPC1 includes the following interfaces:

(2) Thunderbolt 3
(2) USB 3.1
(2) USB 3.0 DAC-UP (can provide extra power for long USB audio cable runs in the studio if needed)
(2) USB 3.0
(2) USB 2.0
(2) 1GB Ethernet
802.11ac Wave 2 1GB WiFi with external antenna
Bluetooth 5

There’s even HD digital audio and a smart headphone amplifier that automatically adjusts the input impedence to best match your headphones in the unlikely event that you don’t have a dedicated audio interface.
But wait! There’s more (ports)! The top front of the case includes (2) additional USB 3.0 ports as well as more audio i/o.
While many computers simply use graphics built into the CPU, they lack the performance of modern, dedicated graphics cards, and even steal the computer’s RAM for graphics instead of using their own dedicated (and faster) memory. Our DPC1 features the GeForce RTX 2060 XC with 6GB VRAM. It easily drives 3-4 displays, and can handle a wide range of video editing tasks, too, which also makes them great if you’re scoring music for film and television. And no, we won’t tell anyone if you decide to play some awesome, high-frame-rate, video games on these PCs…
Premium Logitech keyboards and mice. Modern “gaming” keyboards provide for customization of their LED backlighting, so beyond whatever chill vibe you’re going for in your studio, you can even create custom color schemes to accompany your favorite digital audio workstation and other apps. Or, opt for more traditional keyboards with a simple fixed backlight, wired or wireless.
We have many great displays to choose from. Stick to standard 27″ UHD displays or opt for incredible 34″ ultra-wide, curved displays that can show as many as 40 tracks in your DAW at a time!

DPC1 Base Configuration

When we say “base configuration,” we’re not offering you something that needs to be upgraded right out of the box. We’re offering our “minimum acceptable Different PC,” which means a PC that’s ready to tackle any project you throw in its direction.

Here’s what you get:

Intel i9 9900k CPU, 8-core, 4.9GHz
Black mid-tower ATX case with RGB case lighting and blue internal lighting.
32GB Ballistix DDR4 3200ns RAM
1TB M.2 NVMe SSD for the system drive and applications (much faster than SSD drives attached to the SATA controller)
1TB SSD for data/audio storage (because you should never record onto your boot/application volume)
4TB 7200RPM HD for data/audio storage (because SSDs don’t actually last forever)
GeForce RTX 2060 XC with 6GB VRAM
Premium keyboard and wireless mouse
Windows 10 Home (see our FAQ if you’re wondering about Home vs. Pro)
Different PC White Glove System Startup

Options: Please see our Online Store for various options including more RAM, more storage, upgraded or downgraded video options, and more.

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