Blackmagic MultiDock

A fantastic (and affordable) storage solution for busy recording studios.

Remember the days of reel-to-reel tape? A client would book time in your studio and you would sell them a dedicated reel of Ampex 456 (or more) for their session. Those days are gone, and now it’s all about recording on hard drives or lightning-fast solid-state drives. But think of the hassles you might encounter today:

  • Artist brings in an external hard drive with tangle of cables. Or, maybe they forgot the data cable. Or the power cable. And then you have to mess with hooking it up to your computer, place it somewhere safe, and then hope the client didn’t just infect your studio computer with a virus they didn’t even know they had. And, hope it’s not too noisy sitting on your desk.
  • Artist supplies their project on a hard drive. Little do you realize the drive is a few years old and/or it’s an inexpensive 5k hard drive (as opposed to the 7,200rpm drives you rely on in the studio). And then half-way through the session, the client’s hard drive can’t keep up with the tracking. Or worse, it has a catastrophic failure. Whose liability is it? And how do you get the session back on track?

What if you could restore some peace of mind to the whole customer data management experience? With the Blackmagic MultiDock installed in your studio, now you can!

We are thrilled to offer this fantastic storage solution for your Windows- or Mac OS-based recording studio. The Blackmagic MultiDock is a high-speed USB-C storage solution that lets you make use of compact, internal SSD drives as simply as you work with external hard drives, but with numerous advantages:

No more cable mess! Instead of relying on random external drives and wall warts/external PSUs and various data cables (and uncertainty as to hard drive speed, interface data rates, etc.), ask your client to purchase a blank SSD from your studio for the session (or supply their own). At the end of each session, you back up the client’s files to your studio’s HD storage, and when the session is finished, you simply hand the client their SSD to take with them (or you keep and store the drives). 2.5″ internal SSDs are super compact and quite rugged since there are no moving parts involved.

Serious Performance: 10Gb/s Throughput!

Taking advantage of USB-C, one cable transmits data from up to (4) SSDs at up to 10 Gb/s each. Every drive gets its own dedicated controller chip (internal tech stuff) for maximum performance. And, the MultiDock can be configured as (2) two-drive devices, each with its own USB-C connection to separate computers. So you could use half of this with your studio PC and the other half with your studio Mac, or anything you decide to dream up.

Blackmagic Design is a leader in creative video technology, and they developed the MultiDock for video editors to be able to work directly with their captured 4k and 8k HDR video content. Using this affordable solution for your audio needs is a walk in the park compared with what it’s capable of (and obviously, great if you also work with video).

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Blackmagic MultiDock 10G
BMD-DISKMDOCK4/U10G (SSDs and cables not included)

Blackmagic MultiDock 10G
1M (3′) USB C/ USB 3.1 cable (10Gbps rated) $14.99
2M (6.6′) USB C/Thunderbolt 3 cable (20Gbps rated) $39.99
3M (9.8′) USB C/ USB 3.1 (10Gbps), Thunderbolt 3 Compatible $42.99
1M (3′) USB C/Thunderbolt 3 cable (20Gbps rated) $28.99

Why can’t I use a cheap USB C cable like the one that charges my cell phone?
Those only support data transfers up to 480Mbps, which is less than half a Gigabyte… They are good for charging batteries and transferring a few files from the computer to your phone or tablet, but not much else.

Add Some Storage!

Samsung 860 EVO 1TB internal SSD $136.99
Samsung 860 EVO 2TB internal SSD $289.99

These are the same premium SSDs that we use in Different PC workstations. Not all SSDs are created equal. Samsung SSDs are consistently rated among the best and we’ve had outstanding success with them.