Our Story

Different PC

It all started with two guys in a garage in Los Altos, California… oh, wait… no. That was that other company. We’re different. In fact, Different PC is a custom computer builder based in Morris County, New Jersey, born out of the music studio at MusicPlayers.com.

But don’t think of us like just another computer company. Think of us like your favorite musical instrument or pro audio gear manufacturer, but delivering the tools you need to harness those favorite instruments and recording gear so that you can make and record music on your own terms and without limits.

Consider this: you have favorite musical instruments, favorite audio interfaces, favorite mics and preamps, favorite DAWs, and favorite virtual instruments. Those tools empower you to create and/or record music. So why shouldn’t you also be excited about the computer that powers your virtual instruments and records your albums?

At Different PC, we’re not just computer geeks. We’re also musicians, audio engineers, music producers, and recording artists. Just like you. Well, maybe slightly more techie. And after trying for years to find just the right computers to fit our needs as music creators, we realized that none of the available products were a great fit. So we decided to do something about it.

The Different PC Mission:
To be the premier PC manufacturer of computer systems for musicians and audio professionals.

We are in the early stages of building the company, so bear with us while we get all of the right policies and procedures in place to provide the highest level of support that you as a musician or audio professional deserve. You’ll see many changes taking place over the next few months. But one thing is certain: if you’re ready for a Different PC, we’re ready to build it for you.

Who We Are:

Founder and CTO Scott Kahn is well known as the Editor in Chief of MusicPlayers.com, the widely read, online magazine for serious musicians. But what you may not know is Scott’s history working in Silicon Valley, CA. Scott began his career during the booming ’90s, working for visionary tech companies and some of the Valley’s most legendary leaders. He even worked for Steve Wozniak in his post-Apple days, too!

During that time, Scott also wrote for leading tech industry publications like PC Week Magazine, PC Magazine, and NewMedia Magazine. Also, he’s a music technology book author as well (check out Modern Guitar Rigs: The Tone Fanatic’s Guide to Integrating Amps & Effects, now in its Second edition). While pursuing a tech career by day, he was also a musician outside of work, playing the San Francisco club scene and making indie records across a variety of rock genres. You can hear his latest band, Dream Eternal Bliss, on all of the usual music sites. 

A longtime Mac user in the studio, Scott saw the evolution of Apple as a consumer electronics company years ago and routinely reported on the company’s transformation. After experimenting with building a custom PC for audio purposes, he realized that the landscape had truly changed, and that PCs were in fact ready to return to the studio. After watching Apple continue to move computers in a direction that just didn’t make sense for power users and audio professionals, he knew that it was time to do something serious about the lack of focus on musicians’ needs and thus began Different PC.